Jack Kellythorne - comments on our 2002 Cape Town, Botswana Safari

My wife and I enjoyed our trip to Africa with Jeff immensely.  It was the greatest travel experience of our lifetimes.  While I felt travel halfway around the world was a bit daunting, Jeff took care of all the details so that my wife and I could relax and focus on the experience of the beauty and the wildlife.  Jeff had great local partners everywhere.  For example, one of the local tour guides was a birder and showed us birds we had never seen before.  Others, such as the guides at the private reserve in the Kalahari Desert, found animals for us that would literally have driven right past had we been on our own.
I'll tell you a secret.  Jeff's been my friend for 40 years.  He took care of every detail for my wife and I.  I was totally given the royal treatment.  Now here's the good news.  He treats all of his guests with the same exceptional level of commitment. I may never get back to Africa, but if I do, I'm going with the Jones Party.
Jack Kellythorne



By Edward T Creagan MD FAAHPM - Comments & photos from 2011 Cape Town & Namibia self-drive safari 

 This indeed was an experience of a lifetime. The pluses of the trip were your organizational expertise, your availability and being familiar with the geography and the accommodations. And the incredible synergy and harmony of the entire group. It was incredible.
Ed and Peggy 

Holly Einess - Thoughts from our 2011 Cape Town & Namibia self-drive safari.

 The South Africa/Namibia trip was wonderful. We loved seeing a variety of landscapes, from the lush green of South Africa, with its penguins and wineries; to the red sand hills and bright blue sky of Sossusvlei; to the dry, flat, barren stretches of Namibia we traversed en-route to Etosha National Park. We'll never forget our intense excitement upon entering Etosha and almost immediately driving by a big herd of zebras. Then, just after entering the camp gates, looking back and seeing three elephants cross the road. (I think I actually squealed aloud.) 

Having our accommodations just steps away from the night-time viewing area was amazing. We would get ready for bed, then go sit on the benches with our fellow travelers and watch in awed, hushed silence as groups of animals came and went. Our first night there was the most memorable. As we left our room and were walking toward the viewing area, we heard a distant roar that vibrated through our bodies and made the hair on the backs of our necks stand up. When we looked over at the watering hole not an animal could be seen, until, moments later, the lion made its slow and stately way down to the water. He drank his fill, then turned and walked unhurriedly back into the darkness. (It was a few minutes before the other animals tentatively returned!) We could have gone home right then and been perfectly satisfied with the trip. Instead, we got three more days and nights in the park to see more lions, elephants, and zebras, plus giraffes, rhinos, springbok, cheetahs, ostriches, and on and on. 

Another highlight in the wildlife-viewing category was our last morning in Etosha. We'd heard that some lions had made a kill, so went to see for ourselves. We came upon a big group of wildebeast and springbok, then spotted four or five lions ambling and lying down in their midst. Through the binoculars we could see that the faces and chests of the lions were pink, and their bellies rounded and full. Clearly, the other animals knew that for the time being, the lions were no threat!

The accommodations throughout the trip were top-notch, the food was delicious, and our fellow travelers were a delight. We can't wait to return and experience another part of Africa with Jeff and Rita.    

Bill & Helen Toward - Comments on our 2014 Botswana, Zambia Safari

 Helen and I had a wonderful first experience on our safari to southern Africa. This was all due to the great10 day agenda that Jeff and Rita arranged for our group. We flew to Johannesburg, over nighted there and then on to our first camp by way of Maun, Botswana. We flew into the camps on small bush planes that provided great views of the terrain. We visited three camps. Camp Moremi in the Moremi Camp Reserve; Savuti Safari Lodge in the Chobe National Park and Chobe Game Lodge also in the Chobe National Park. The great thing about all of the camps was the accommodations, food and most of all the staff. The service by the camp staff was fantastic and they all quickly learned all of our names. They were very friendly and interacted with us at every opportunity. The guides were equally engaging and superbly qualified.   It was the expertise of these guides that made our game drives so enjoyable and successful. We saw dozens of animals in different environments and it seemed like a 100 different bird species. The highlights for Helen and I were the Cheetah, Leopards and the encounter between the lions and the elephants. The elephants won! The end of the trip was equally exciting. We drove from Chobe Game Lodge, ferried across the Zambezi River into Namibia and on to Livingstone, Zambia. We spent two nights at the Royal Livingstone Hotel located on the Zambezi River just above the Victoria Falls. A magnificent hotel with fantastic views and within walking distance of the falls.   It was a fantastic trip with a great group of people that were so much fun and interesting to be with. It gave Helen and me a strong desire to return.